i’m very new to FMOD and I’m running into the first problem I can’t solve by myself. I’ll try to give you a detailed description of the problem and it would be really great if you have any ideas how to handle this.

I’d like to modify the sounds in one of my favourite games: World of Tanks. All of the sounds and music of the game is stored in one directory, which contains several .fev and corresponding .fsb files.

I’m using fsbext to extract the sound files out of the .fsb files. Most of the sound files are IMA ADPCM encoded .wav files. Some are .ogg files.

I’ve extracted the sound files of a file named ingame_voice.fsb. I then used the FMOD SoundBank Generator to pack all of these files (470 in total) back into a file I named ingame_voice.fsb. I then replaced the original .fsb file with this newly created file and started the game. All corresponding voice sounds could be heard in the game, although their order was totally mixed up, which is most likely just an order issue of the sound files. Nevertheless this was great because it means that this works…somehow. 😉

Then I tried the exact same thing with a file named weapons.fsb, which contains 57 files. And this time it didn’t work. No weapon sound could be heard in the game.

I opened the ingame_voice.fev file with the FMOD Event Player and was able to listen to the different sounds. I then opened the (original!) weapons.fev file while the (repacked) weapons.fsb file was in the same directory. When I double click an event to listen to the corresponding sound, I get this error message:


My "solution" was to start a new projekt using FMOD Designer. I created all events which are in the original weapons.fev file and used only the sound files out of the original weapons.fsb. It looks like this:

I build the project and copied the resulting .fev and .fsb file to the audio directory of the game. I replaced the original weapons.fev and weapons.fsb with the newly created ones and checked them with the FMOD Event Player. Now the "connection" between the two files worked and I was able to listen to the sounds in the Event Player.

When I run the game however, no weapon sounds can be heared. And that’s where I’m out of ideas. I’ve switched a few settings and rebuild the files, but got no luck. :(

Here is another screenshot that might help you a bit:


Any ideas or hints how to solve this problem are greatly appreciated. :)

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Hi Peter,

thank you for your answer.

I will try to convince the WoT developers to make their .fdp files public. If they don’t agree to that, I will quit my work on the sound mod, as it seems that their is no way to get this working without the original .fdp files.

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You will require access to the FDP to create new FEV and FSB files, the FEV and FSB files are pack files which aren’t intended to be extracted. The fact that you can change the sounds in the FSB and it still kind of works is actually a bug which has been addressed in newer versions of FMOD. The FEV and FSB files should be built together in designer.

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