I’m still working with 3.75 in my project, so I have a question about some behavior. Updating to a newer version is in question maybe, but currently 3.75 does anything I need, so I would love to avoid reworking everything to fit the newer version.
Anyways, to the problem. It seems that the music pan separation is flawed, if a voice is lets say 20%left and 80%right, it doesn’t play that correctly and it doesn’t matter what setting in FMUSIC_SetPanSeperation is used (or if set at all manually).

if you have 2 sounds,says drums and trumpet. Drums are set to ALL THE WAY to right speaker, Trumpet is set only slightly to the right speaker…so its playing mostly out of both speakers.
When you play it with pan scale at 1.0…both sounds are then only coming from the right speaker, which is not what the author of the song had intended. If you try setting the scale lower than 1.0…the the drums and trumpet are playing from both speakers,which is ALSO not what the author has intended. Drums are supposed to be only on the right speaker and trumpet is supposed to be only slightly on the right speaker but playing from the left too.

Whatever I tried, there seems to be no way to fix this. I also tried to play the S3M with the example player included and the result was the same. I checked the forums here, but all fixes I found for panning problems seem to refer to FSOUND and not FMUSIC.

Is anyone aware about a solution? And if not, does FMOD4 fix it?

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Have you tried with other players / editors?
Can you provide such an tracker file?

e.g. ModPlug / Open ModPlug
or WinAmp, …

For Fmod / FModEx you may try QuickPlayer
– installs either with fmod or fmodex, as chosen on installation
– supports older versions of fmod/fmodex, just replace
– you may want to activate tracker files (mod/it/s3m/xm…) in the settings

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