i am all new at FMOD. Currently i use FMOD 4.32.09 on MAC.
My goal is to write a multitrack mp3 player. By now, everything worked fine but now i am facing a big problem :
The Programm sets a loop ( in Streammode ) -> same on 8 Channels in a for statement.
[code:1nncwnx2]result= channel[iTrack]->setLoopPoints(loopstart, timeunit, loopend, timeunit); [/code:1nncwnx2]
and i can hear all the sounds the loop properly at the same time. But during the loop the getPosition of each channel is always counting upwards.
I use :
[code:1nncwnx2]( channel[iTrack]->getPosition(&uiTime ,FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS); [/code:1nncwnx2]

Normally i would expect that the getPosition jumps back to the startpoint of the loop every time the loop starts over.
Without the correct getPosition value i can´t calculate the current songposition.
Maybe i overlooked something ? Is there a workaround ? Or did i use the wrong function ?

thanks in advance


BTW : fmod is a fantastic library.good work. it is really fun to use.

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