Hi, we are using FMOD Ex in an iPhone/iPad Project. The user is listen some music and can add/modifiy some DSP Effects.

Since we have update from v4.32.07 to v4.34.03, always if the user is switching on the flanger there comes a periodical crunch/crack.

At first we thought it was an implementation issue in our source code. So we have checked the example app "effects" from FMOD ex – There also exists the problem. We can it reproduce on every iOS device (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and Simulator)

What can we do, to reduce that unpleasant effect ?

By using the old version of FMOD EX, this effect could be heard only when the user changes the settings of the DSP-Effect (by using a slider for the FMOD_DSP_FLANGE_DEPTH parameter).
Now it is always heard.

We do nothing special, only:

[code:1h5kf55q]system->createDSPByType(FMOD_DSP_TYPE_FLANGE, &dspflange);[/code:1h5kf55q]


[code:1h5kf55q]- (void) sliderChanged
dspflange->setParameter(FMOD_DSP_FLANGE_DEPTH, mSlider.value);

Any ideas ?

Thank you and regards

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apologies for the delay replying – had a look at this and looks like the new flange doesnt like low rates, i’ve just updated it to handle these rates, should be in tomorrow’s 4.34.05 release.

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