Hi everyone,

We are developing a continuous playback system that plays a list of music clips one after other making some small mixing.

The problem that we are having is that after some hours of playback, suddenly in the middle of a music clip, the channel is muted and remains in silence until the next clip. If after that I play the same clip again, it plays just perfect.

This happens about two times a day. Has anyone had this problem?

Some additional info:
– All the clips are MPEG 1 Layer II 48KHz 256Kbps encapsulated in .wav.
– The files are accessed over the network and they are in a Windows Server 2008 64 bits.
– The player operating system is Windows XP 32 bits.
– We are using AudioScience sound cards.
– We are using FMOD (we are running our tests right now we the last one).

FMOD supports this kind of sound cards? Could this be the problem?

What happens if we have a micro cut in the network and for a few milliseconds we cannot access the file? FMOD will retry the file read process we should get an error? Could this be the problem?

Regards, Lucio.

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