[Experimental-Like Question]
I released a simple game demo with FMOD, the game have some 3D/2D sounds.
Some of testers say that some part of the game dont have any sounds, and the game sound effect is muted(not all sound effects!).
After many research i detected that audio driver of them are old!
Now, The question is that, If audio driver is old, why FMOD play randomly some sounds perfect and some sounds muted !? If the game dont play any sound,then tester understand that have driver problem or something else, but now they think that some part of the game dont have sound effect!!!
for example one of tester say that Car1 in the game have engine sound but Car2 dont have!, another play say that both cars have engine sound! 😮
What mistake maybe i did during the sound playing!?
This problem exists on both 2D/3D sounds.

Thank you for you help

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