This issue has been raised before but I’m still yet to find a solution so I hope you don’t mind me raising the subject again…

The problem I’m having is that there’s a noticeable gap between the loop and release upon triggering the Key Off, at least when auditioning in Designer. I’m just using fairly generic machine gun sounds, one loop, one release, and I’ve set everything up as per the user manual. I’ve also tried other suggestions found on here, such as upping the velocity ridiculously high in the parameter, but there’s still a very small (yet very obvious) gap in playback when triggering Key Off.

Obviously a system such as this needs to be completely seamless, so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong? Or maybe it’s just an issue with auditioning and will be fine in-game (I’m yet to test this as the code isn’t in place yet)? It’s also slightly baffling as to why examples of Cycles in the manual include ‘gatling gun’ and ‘jet engine’, whereupon the actual tutorial sounds provided sound completely random and don’t require seamless looping.

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