Hello, this is my first post and me be you can help.

I now how to get syncronization marks at run time using callback function.
What i would like to do is to get the marks sampler ( tick ) not using a call back.


Load the sample file.
Get the sample marks ( ticks ).

With this i can just check the current sample position at a especific time and verify is it is before or after a mark then do a event.

Thanks for help, sorry about my english.

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I did that.

Just becouse i need i did it in this ugly ways:

0 – Set the call back function.
1 – Load the sample (wav). The marks ( begin, center and at end ).
Using LoadSampleEx – Setting paused.
2 – Set the volume to 0.
3 – Play the sampler.
When the call back is calling, get the current sample position and add to a global associated array.
4 – At sound end, remove the call back function.

For small samples this ugly way works ( that is may case now ).

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