[b:w89z0yga]Detailed description:[/b:w89z0yga]
Removing/unplugging or replacing a device may have undesirable results.

[b:w89z0yga]Solution 1:[/b:w89z0yga]
1. To handle device removal use the ‘device list changed’ system callback, which can be set with System::setCallback. In the callback function check the ‘type’ parameter for FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACKTYPE_DEVICELISTCHANGED.
2. Compare GUIDs to determine if your device was the one removed.
3. Make a decision about what to do. It is, for example, possible to switch to a different device if one is available, or to simply wait for the user to plug the original device back in. If the user is detected plugging the device back in, setDriver can be used to reactivate it.

More detailed information on this issue can be found in FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACKTYPE and FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACK

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