[b:2b53wgvf]Detailed description:[/b:2b53wgvf]
Some designer users have reported that later versions of Designer do not include elements of the interactive music system in builds of projects.

[b:2b53wgvf]Solution 1:[/b:2b53wgvf]
1. Open the Window menu and select the ‘Project Properties’ menu item.
2. In the ‘Project Properties’ window, set the ‘Build Interactive Music’ property to ‘Yes.’
FMOD can have difficulty dealing with multiple projects that contain music data. As a result, in some versions of Designer 2010, the ‘Build Interactive Music’ property is set to ‘No’ by default.
Note that the ‘Build Interactive Music’ property is platform-specific, and therefore must be set once for each platform for which a project is intended.

This property is described on page 394 of the Designer 2010 manual

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