[code:2nnt5fnx]FMOD error! (48) Tried to use a feature that requires hardware support. (ie trying to play a GCADPCM compressed sound in software on Wii). [/code:2nnt5fnx]

Occurs when recordstart(0,sound,loopFlag) is called. Found a similar post (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13471&p=46891&hilit=simulator#p46891)

My getRecordNumDrivers also returns 1.

is recording with fmod not possible on the simulator?

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I have exactly the same problem, getting the same error message in an app that worked fine with FMOD 4.32.06, but now crashes with v4.40.00 in iPhone Simulator 5.0 when trying to do this:

result = systemFMOD->recordStart(0, recordSound, loopFlag);

I also tried it with FMOD’s own example app "recording" and recordStart crashes it too with the same error message.

I’ve tried to declare loopFlag as BOOL, bool and FMOD_BOOL. Same result for all.

What gives?


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