[b:1h4qo9rf]Detailed description:[/b:1h4qo9rf]
An FSB is a package format, that is, a collection of sub-sounds. As a result, the ‘parent’ sound (the handle obtained when the FSB is opened with System::createSound) cannot be played.

[b:1h4qo9rf]Solution 1:[/b:1h4qo9rf]
1. Use Sound::getSubSound, giving the index into your FSB (0 based), then play that handle instead.

[b:1h4qo9rf]Solution 2:[/b:1h4qo9rf]
1. Call Sound::setSubSoundSentence on the parent sound.
This is a special case in which a parent sound can be played. The above call will allow a user to gaplessly play through a sequence of sub-sounds one after the other. This may be used for stitched commentary in a sports game, for example.

More information on this topic can be found under ‘FMOD Designer API Programmer’s Tutorial’ and ‘FMOD_RESULT’ in the FMOD Programmer’s API Documentation.

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