[b:3cg1a5ql]Detailed description:[/b:3cg1a5ql]
Some relatively rare sound cards, instead of having a low latency response such as 85ms, have latency responses just above that. This can cause glitching.

[b:3cg1a5ql]Solution 1:[/b:3cg1a5ql]
1. Increase the DSP buffersize, e.g:[code:3cg1a5ql]system->setDSPBufferSize(1024, 5);[/code:3cg1a5ql]The default DSP buffersize is 1024, 4.
Note that only the second number in the DSP buffersize should be changed from the default, as this number represents the number of buffers. Five buffers will typically result in about 100ms latency, which is typically acceptable. However, if glitching continues to occur, setting the number of buffers to an even higher value may be necessary. Eight buffers will typically result in 170ms latency, which is quite noticable, but in the worst-case scenario as many as 10 buffers may be required.

More information relevant to this issue is available on the ‘System::setDSPBufferSize’ page of the FMOD Programmer’s API.

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