Brett I still can’t solve another issue I’am having. This time it is with the Initizalting of FMOD. I am attempting to initalize using…


Now it is important to note that this does work. It does pick up the global focus flag and thus output is all over the place no matter what window is in focus.

However, when I am playing a stream, such as a mp3, my VU readings are 0, no matter what, It does work for mods, xm’s ect.. Ie I do get VU readings (though it does seem to crash at times). Now should i remove the FSOUND_INIT_ACCURATEVULEVELS from my const declartion everything works perfectly.

Any clue as to what might be causing the problem? I have tried this on several different operating systems of various sound cards, all with the same effect…

Here is my initalizing routine.
If FSOUND_Init(lngBitRate, NumChannels, FSOUND_INIT_GPLAYER) = 0 Then
Set myStream = Nothing
Set myCD = Nothing
Set myMod = Nothing
errMsg = “Failed to Initialize Fmod, possibly due to not enough channels.”
Exit Function
End If

Like i said it does initalize perfectly, and works, just no VU readings on streams, and some instablity on mods, xms, s3ms ect, though I do get VU readings on them

Anyhow hope to hear from ya soon.


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