Hi Everyone,

I’m writing simple music player, today I decided to change current audio library to FMOD (I’m newbe in C# world, I still learn)
I noticed, FMOD support playlist file (PLS and M3U) and TAG class – I thought "Cool! There are fully-working functions I need,
so I will delete current one, which I wrote because they suck".
After couple hours I still have no idea how to use them or how they work.
As far as playing functions was quite easy to implemented them, no what these two above… ehh ;/
What’s worst I can’t find any documentation or something.

If someone can give me a clue how to read file tags and handle playlist file or link to manual/documentation/tutorial/SomethingLikeThat
I’ll appreciate that.

I forgot about "some other question" ๐Ÿ˜›
Is there any function which can help me to create Oscilloscope or Spectrum Analyser?
What’s about shuffle function? Is FMOD had something like that? (I know, that is few lines of code – I write it already by my own – but still)

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I would highly recommend you take a look at the playlist example, it should explain exactly what you are trying to do.
The common misconception is you can play a playlist, what you actually must do is load the playlist then use the tag API (getTag) to retrieve the paths for the entries. Then you must create sounds for those paths.

If you want to plot a waveform or spectrum for a playing track use Channel::getWaveData or Channel::getSpectrum respectively.

As for shuffle, you’ll need to write those couple of lines yourself :p

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Thanks for answer.

I have looked at playlist & readtags example (they’re really nice),
thanks for letting me know about their existence ;P
Now, I can spend whole week at trying to implement these functions to my "yet shitty program" – I hope it won’t be "shitty" any more ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to say FMOD is really awesome library! Keep develop it!

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