Hi — I’m getting acquainted with FMOD and this is my first post in this forum. I’ve been trying to implement this feature for a few days and it looks like I’m stuck. I hope I can find some help here.

Basically, I need to add DSP effects within the music system. To be more precise, I have two concurrent Themes that are in sync to the beat, each of the Themes have multiple segments (loops) that are played depending on the game context. You can think of it as [b:suhr6z89]two independent tracks of multiple loops that are in beat sync, and one of the tracks has DSP effects[/b:suhr6z89]. (The DSP parameters will be controlled procedurally, therefore making "DSPed" versions of the loops is not an option.)

I’ve managed to create these two concurrent "tracks" with FMOD Designer, using Themes (I assume that’s the only way to achieve this two-multiple-loops-tracks-sync setup), and it works great. From here, my undestanding is that the only way to add DSP to one of those "tracks" is by using FMOD EX.

Here’s the structure that appears in the Profiler:

1 – 2 – 3
– 4 – 5 – 6 – 7
– 7 – 8 – 9
(- 8 – 9)
– 7 – 8 – 9
(- 8 – 9)
– 7
– 7

1: FMOD SoundCard Unit
2: FMOD ChannelGroup Target Unit
3: FMOD ChannelGroup: master group
4: ChannelGroup: master
5: ChannelGroup: music
6: ChannelGroup: music engine
7: ChannelGroup: segment player
8: FMOD Channel DSPHead Unit
9: FMOD Wavetable Unit
(parentheses show that the segment sub networks are two for a short period, everytime a segment loops back)[/code:suhr6z89]

I took a big assumption – let me know if it’s wrong – that I need to climb up this tree to get a hold of the segment player that I want to add the DSP to. This is where I’m stuck, I can’t find a way to get a hold of "CG: master" (4) (from which I assume should be easy to get to "CG: music engine" (6) and subsequently the segment players).

So far I managed to access "FMOD CG: master group" (3) and also "FMOD ChannelGroup Target Unit" (2), but I don’t know how to get from there to "CG: master" (4). "FMOD ChannelGroup Target Unit" (2) seems to be a FMOD::DSP, and I don’t know how to procedurally access a Channel Group that it’s connected to.

Is this the right approach?
And if so, how do I access a ChannelGroup that branches out of a DSP?

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