It’s great that fmod supports mingw.

But I would really like a 64-bit .a import library also – for compiling with x86_64-w64-mingw32 which I’m using to cross-compile my project for 64-bit windows under GNU/Linux.

Homepage for this compiler is here: http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/

Edit: I’ve tried with reimp to convert the .lib files, but none seem to work. So, atm I’m stuck for this 64-bit build.

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I solved this myself, thanks to the tools provided by the mingw-w64 project.

Here’s how (using their gendef and the dlltool built for the platform in question):

  1. run gendef on the fmod64.dll like so:

[code:2ekp42gv]gendef fmodex64.dll[/code:2ekp42gv]

you now get the file "fmodex64.def" with all the exports in it.

Then run dlltool like so:

[code:2ekp42gv]dlltool -k –output-lib libfmodex64.a –def fmodex64.def[/code:2ekp42gv]

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