So….I migrated to a new PC with Windows 7. Set up Designer 4.36 as it was set up on my old machine, running Vista.

Everything seemed OK. I added some files to the project I was working on, and went to take a look at the banks to make sure my .wav files were all in the proper bank.

Upon selecting the bank, I get the pop up window that says "building sound file list" and then Designer immediately crashes (before building the sound file list — only one file, the very first file in the bank shows up).

I’ve tried loading the same project on my old machine, and encounter no such issues there. It builds the list just fine.

I also tried other projects on the new machine, and have had them lock up in the same way (while building the sound file list). But here is the odd thing…..If I load a suspect project, the build the data (without checking the banks via the banks tab), it will scan the wave file directories and build just fine. Then, after building, if I go to look at the banks by selecting the banks tab — the sound file list then comes up as it should. No crash. If, even after building everything, I quit designer and then fire it up again, load the project and go select a bank to look at the wave files, it will again crash while "building sound file list."

One of the other sound guys here has exactly the same machine, same version of Designer, etc. and he does not ever crash when loading the exact same project data. I’m the only lucky guy…..and I’m now at a loss as for anything else I can try. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Designer. I’ve tried every possible permutation of sound driver, etc. in the preferences, but to no avail. I’m still crashing repeatedly when the app looks to my directories in order to list the sound files in each bank.


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