hi :) i’ve been told to ask this question here so i hope i’m in the rite place

i downloaded code blocks about a week ago so i could learn c++
got SFML working on it and had a play around with that so i thought
i would have a go at playing with mp3’s so i got irrklang but couldn’t
get it working so i tried FMOD but couldn’t get that working either

I get errors like:-
[quote:1s8t4do2]E:\c++ proj\sound1\main.cpp|53|undefined reference to `FMOD::System::getVersion(unsigned int*)@8’|[/quote:1s8t4do2]

been tryin to figure out what i’m doing wrong for 3 days now but my head
has started hurting!!!! can anyone help???

thanks :)

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You need to use the FMOD C API, not C++.
This is because of how symbols are mangled with C++ not being compatible with other compilers.

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