I wonder if it is possible to let FMOD plays sound in “slices”. What I want to do is to save the played sound to disk without actually playing it. Because of other extensive calculations this could not be done in realtime.


while (notReady)
DoLongCalculation(); // running time may differ
FMODCalcNextSoundSlice(); // Calculate next Soundoutput

Is something like that possible?


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So you just want to load a audiofile, alter the “sound” (data) in some way and write a new audiofile from the altered data…as in a wave-editor?

In that case you should just load the file into memory (as sample), and create a function which processes the data (and ‘cauz that isn’t a time-critical procedure you can propably pass the entire buffer to the function at once. It depends on what you exactly plan to do with the data).
After that you just create a new file and fill it with a wave-header followed by the data.

But with this approach the reason for not processing the sound “realtime” is more because it shouldn’t be necessary to play the whole audiofile in order to alter the sound, rather then it being to complicated to process realtime.

But I’m no expert on DSP-related stuff (not by far) so maybe I’m totally off…

Just my 2 cents

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[quote="brett":1ctfxans]i might be able to sneak something like this into 3.61[/quote:1ctfxans]
This would be great and makes your library useful for completely different applications.

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