I’m new to FMOD and I’m working on layered interactive music. I’m currently testing FMOD Designer with two tracks, lets call them [b:1p3uoeh0]A[/b:1p3uoeh0] and [b:1p3uoeh0]B[/b:1p3uoeh0], [b:1p3uoeh0]B[/b:1p3uoeh0] being a battle track.

I want to use crossfades in transitions between [b:1p3uoeh0]A[/b:1p3uoeh0] and [b:1p3uoeh0]B[/b:1p3uoeh0] (this works ok), but at the same time I want to play separately triggered tempo matched loops along with these "base tracks" for making the music more dynamic.
So far I have managed to sync a short loop ([b:1p3uoeh0]C[/b:1p3uoeh0]) with [b:1p3uoeh0]B[/b:1p3uoeh0] by making a new cue for it and setting its playback method to "concurrent" (this seems to be the only way to play cues simultaneously, otherwise it just makes a transition between them), but when transition from the [b:1p3uoeh0]B[/b:1p3uoeh0] to [b:1p3uoeh0]A[/b:1p3uoeh0] starts, the separately triggered [b:1p3uoeh0]C[/b:1p3uoeh0] just keeps playing. I can stop [b:1p3uoeh0]C[/b:1p3uoeh0]’s looping by creating a parameter for it and changing its value, but it plays over [b:1p3uoeh0]A[/b:1p3uoeh0] for a while and it sounds clumsy when it just stops without fading out.

So is there a way to
– have fade in and out for [b:1p3uoeh0]C[/b:1p3uoeh0] in this case
– stop [b:1p3uoeh0]C[/b:1p3uoeh0] immediately when needed (otherwise it plays over [b:1p3uoeh0]A[/b:1p3uoeh0] for a while)
while other tracks are playing "normally" at background?

If this kind of track behavior is not possible via FMOD designer, can it be done "outside the system" (by programming)?


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Hi there,

The music system is very powerful but not very good with layering multiple synched streams and complex transitions. I had similar problems building the music system for the game I’m current working on. From my perspective you have two options, program it using FModEx channels or just simplify your music needs to fit what the Designer has to offer.

If you do want to code your own system you will have to use "SetDelay" to do your synching:

Hope this helps.

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