So yesterday I was working on an interactive music project for a couple of hours. Project was saved but the next time i opened it up (tried both the same computer and another computer) the bank could’nt find the audio files,
i managed to fix that by changing the audio source directory and doing a build of the bank but the music section is completely blank, nothing left.

So after some searching on this forum I came across this:
But the "build interactive music" property was already set to "yes", so that did unfortunately not make any difference, still nothing in the "music" section.

Ideas, anyone? some help would be much appreciated and save me alot of time

Kind Regards

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I just managed to solve the problem, thought it would be good to share my very simple solution:

make sure there are no letters like "å" "ä" "ö" "ü" "í" or other similar ones in the pathway to your sounds.
That will screw things up when you reopen projects.

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