Your own, you Japanese.
(This article was translated by google)

and "ma2", is the person says.
"Windows7 (x86)" in, "eclipse3.7 (INDIGO + MergeDoc + cdt8.0)" "android sdk / ndk (emulator)" and "cygwin" and "NDK (r6b)" using the "fmodapi44100android" and I want to make the app use.

of, "Getting started with FMOD for Android.pdf" that are included in the "fmodapi44100android", of "Running Examples" on page 6, the first section 3 "Project -> Properties -> C / C + + Build -> Environment -> There and Add ".
Select, from the "New" dialog – from "Android> Android Project", the project "(O) … More> – – (N) … New> (F) File", "eclipse" but If you have made, "C / C + + Build" in the Project Properties does not go out.

Also, when you convert to "(Adds Nature) Convert to a C / C + + Project" of the "C / C + +" the project, an error will be from (the "C / C + +") application made ​​of the project.
On my own, there is no way to determine how any good can I do.
I wrote this sentence, if Moraere tips.

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It remains as backward as ever.

Does the sample of "Getting started with FMOD for Android.pdf" operate by the emulator of android?
Does it move only by the system?
Although moved in the emulator environment of Android-10 (2.3), "null" returns to "FMODAudioDevice".
Only sauce is not borrowed from this pdf by the details about a hardware requirement by public presentation.

Please let me know.

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