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Using FMOD Designer v4.38.3

Howdy there – we’re working on a project that is very audio heavy and we’ve been using FMOD Event Groups to mitigate the amount of sounds we have loaded at once. Unfortunately, we’re running into problems where 3 out of 4 times, if we add a 14th group (we are only using simple events at the moment, and this raises the total to 549 sounds in the fdp project), our game can’t load that the Event Group data (not the sample data, just the event group header information).

~/projects/game-svn/projects/../source/Game/Sound/fmod/fmod_sound.cpp line 110:
FMOD error! (89) The requested event, event group, event category or event property could not be found.

I have modified your FMOD Designer API [b:1tcwnlk8]load_data.cpp[/b:1tcwnlk8] example to repro our problem – if we substitute our fev file for the stock one, as below:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
FMOD::EventSystem *eventsystem;
FMOD::EventGroup *eventgroup;
FMOD::Event *event = 0;
int key;

printf("Load Event Data Example.  Copyright (c) Firelight Technologies 2004-2011.\n");
printf("This demonstrates loading and unloading of event data per event and\n");
printf("per group.\n");

ERRCHECK(result = FMOD::EventSystem_Create(&eventsystem));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->init(64, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0, FMOD_EVENT_INIT_NORMAL));

ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->setMediaPath("~/projects/game-svn/data/run/Sounds/"));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->load("game.fev", 0, 0));

ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group0", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group1", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group2", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group3", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group4", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group5", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group6", false, &eventgroup));

ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group7", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group8", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group9", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group10", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group11", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group12", false, &eventgroup));
ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem->getGroup("game/Group13", false, &eventgroup));

return 0;


(note: paths have been change to protect the innocent – shouldn’t be relevant but let me know if it is)

Then the ERRCHECK will throw an assertion on Group13. However, if we dick with the order of the groups – which is tricky in designer, it required me to move the sounds out of the 14th group, delete the 14th group, and recreate it at another point in the hierarchy, and also move some other groups around by reparenting and then unparenting, etc – then [b:1tcwnlk8]whichever group is the last one[/b:1tcwnlk8] will be the one that will fail the assertion above.


After dicking with it further, I did get one configuration which loaded for me; but I figure that it failed enough times that I should write this up to the forums.

We can supply our audio data (by FTP?) if you need it.

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Resolved – it was an dependency issue that showed up when we branched our project. Sorry for taking anyone’s time.

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