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I apologize for the long post; I am trying to be thorough.
I am trying to create software that will play several mono sounds in 3D space. I am using MOTU sound hardware and an ASIO interface. Everything works as it should if I use FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_ASIO and FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_QUAD and the sounds are set to FMOD_3D_HEADRELATIVE. I set the speaker positions using system->set3DSpeakerPosition(FMOD_SPEAKER_XXX, fv.x, fv.z, true);, for each of my four speakers. Basically the listener is at the center of a 2 meter square with the 4 speakers at the corners. In this configuration everything works as desired.
The problem is that I now need a center channel. If I try to use FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_SURROUND, the sounds do not play in a predictable manner in any of the speakers. For example, a sound that played in the front left speaker in QUAD mode now plays out of the rear left channel. Rear left moved to Rear Right and rear right move to rear right and front right. The speakers are still in a 2 meter square surrounding the listener the only change is in one line of code, setting FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_QUAD to FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_SURROUND.
I have had no luck with FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_RAW or FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_5POINT1 either.
Any ideas on why this does not work and how do I get it to work? I have dug through the 3d example code and it does not work either. As far as which version of FMOD I am using, the only reference I can find is #define FMOD_VERSION 0x00043605.


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Hi there autoSound and welcome to the forums.

Have you tested your speaker setup out of fmod?
In windows you can test in the Speaker Setup settings. It looks like this:


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