[b:4iywkfvs]Detailed description:[/b:4iywkfvs]
If the ‘Play Mode’ property in Designer 2010’s Sound Def property sheet is set to ‘Random No Repeat’ or ‘Shuffle,’ the sound def entry weightings of that Sound Def will not accurately represent the frequency with which that Sound Def’s entries will play.
In the case of ‘Shuffle,’ this is the intended behavior. ‘Shuffle’ is a term commonly used to describe a behaviour whereby the order of items in a playlist is randomly rearranged each time that playlist begins to play. Since the number of instances of each sound def entry remains constant no matter how the entries are arranged, the frequency with which the sound def entries play will not be changed by shuffling.
In the case of ‘Random No Repeat’, the unexpected behaviour is due to bugs that are not scheduled to be fixed prior to the release of FMOD Studio.

[b:4iywkfvs]Solution 1:[/b:4iywkfvs]
1. Use a different play mode, such as ‘Random.’
While this will not provide exactly the same behavior as ‘Random No Repeat’ and ‘Shuffle,’ the differences are not apparent in most circumstances.

[b:4iywkfvs]Solution 2:[/b:4iywkfvs]
1. Don’t use playlist weightings.
In a few cases, playlist weightings do not significantly contribute to the quality of sound. This must, of course, be judged on a case-by-case basis.

[b:4iywkfvs]Solution 3:[/b:4iywkfvs]
1. Don’t use playlist weightings.
2. Add to the sound def duplicates of any sound def entries that should play more frequently than the others.
Note that it is not easily possible to add the same source audio file to a sound def more than once, so it is generally necessary to create multiple versions of the same audio file with slightly different names, e.g.: "ghost1.wav," "ghost2.wav," "ghost3.wav…"
While this method works, it does increase the proabability of the duplicated sounds being played multiple times in sucession, thereby somewhat weakening the advantage of ‘Random No Repeat’ mode.

Both play modes work as commonly expected whenever all sound def entries in the sound def have equal weighting.
No example, tutorial or documentation relevant to this issue is known to exist in the public domain.

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