According to the documentation, setting the member ConnectionPoint of FMOD_REVERB_CHANNELPROPERTIES by calling function Event::setReverbProperties, can link the reverb DSP to the DSP Head unit of the event. It makes the effects of event processed previously, and then send to the reverb.

I wrote code link following:
props.ConnectionPoint = reinterpret_cast<FMOD_DSP *>(dspHead);

But it couldn’t work properly. The connection between SFXReverb and the event was broken, and there is no reverb applied. In rare situation, it can work. But I can’t find the rule of this mechanism.

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Hi, I think the issue there is the dsp node for the event channelgroup has been optimized out to save memory.

You can remove the dsp code I think and use FMOD_EVENT_EFFECTS_AFFECT_REVERB property when you get your event.
Otherwise to get the dsp node in, use FMOD_EVENT_USERDSP when getting your event for the first time, so getDSPHead returns the right pointer.

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