I’m having problems when using setRotation on Geometry. I create a 1x1x1 box with double sided and full occlusion values, then set its position with setPosition, it’s size using setScale and it’s rotation using setRotation.

setPosition works as expected without any problems, as does setScale. But setRotation appears to do nothing.

For testing I’ve been setting the scaling to 5,10,20, placing a looped sound in the box. Then moving around the scene to test placement, scaling and rotation.

If I give setRotation the equivalent of the identity matrix (‘forward’ is forward and ‘up’ is up) the box is exactly the right postion, size and orientation. If I rotate 90 degrees so ‘forward’ is now pointing right and leave up pointing up, then geometry occlusion box appears to be in exactly the same orientation as when I used the identiy rotation. In fact no matter what rotation I use the occlusion always appears to be in its original orientation.

setRotation does not return an error and doing getRotation returns values used in setRotation. The forward and up vectors are normalised and at 90 degrees to each other.

Are there any gotchas or issues with geometry rotation, I’m using Fmod 4.38.07.


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