Hey guys,

I know it’s early, and you guys are working on it, but I was just wondering…

I noticed the ‘speaker level effect’ is greyed out when I’m working on the Wii U sku. I’m using Designer 4.42.

1. Are you guys planning on enabling this effect for WiiU?
2. If so, can you give me a rough time frame estimate?
3. If not, – what exactly would playback sound like for an unsupported effect like this?

Clearly, I haven’t had the time to test this yet myself. I will eventually, but I thought I’d reach to you guys first.



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The speaker level effect, which backs on to the low level Channel::setSpeakerLevels function should work as advertised. Support for Channel::setSpeakerLevels on FMOD_HARDWARE channels for WiiU was added a couple of months ago.

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