I’m working in C# on Windows with FMod 4.42.03. I’m converting our engine to use FMod for our next game, but I’ve run into an oddity on loading sounds. If I iterate over every sound by calling getNumEvents(), then "touch" each sound by calling getEventByProject(), my sounds work. If I don’t do that loop at startup, and just do sound lookups by name later, some sounds are found, and some sounds give a file not found error in getEvent(). My getEvent() calls are passing FMOD.EVENT_MODE.DEFAULT, so I expect to get some disk access then a sound played.

I tried doing a loop on all groups calling getGroupByIndex(i,true,group) to cache the event data, but that had no effect.

Why would requesting a group by index affect whether or not it can be accessed by name later on? Thanks for any help.

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