Hello again!
Here is my new question :-)

I’m playing a stream, and sometimes I skip from a point of the wave to another one, using FSOUND_Stream_SetTime.
I would like to keep track BOTH of the time passed since I started to play the stream AND of the “absolute time” that I’m playing in a certain moment.
For example: I play the first 10 seconds, then I skip to second 20, then I keep playing.
After 15 seconds I’m playing at the “absolute time (from start)” 25s, but from the moment I’ve started the stream, only 15 seconds have passed.

I thought FSOUND_Stream_GetPosition and FSOUND_Stream_GetTime could help me, but both functions just give me the total time passed since I began playing the stream, and none of them gives me the “absolute time” (or “absolute position” in BYTES). How can I get either “absolute time” or “absolute position” from the start of the wave file?


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