Hello. I have FMOD installed on several computer labs at our school. FMOD has been glitchy from the get to on the PC side. The students were learning on FMOD designer 4.28, but everytime they close FMOD, it would crash. This wasn’t the problem per se because they are quitting the application. But I am concerned that it is symptomatic of other issues we have bee experiencing. For example, sometimes students would not be able to open the preferences window pane. Other times, students would open a project from a template that the instructor hands out and then the program would soon crash and corrupt their files. I have tried updating to FMOD designer version 4.44 and similar issues have been experienced. I myself have not seen them. I have tried to "crash" the program in the same way but have been unable to (with the exception of FMOD crashing when quitting). All of the students are working on iMacs that are bootcamped with Windows 7. I have the ASIO4ALL driver installed so that they may use ProTools on the PC operating system. I understand that these are quite vague descriptions as to what the problems could be and would be hard to diagnose, but at this point, any thoughts on why many of our students are having these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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