Hi everyone,
I have an issue that i have been trying to solve but can´t find any similar thread here at the forums.
I have a project where i´m working simultaneously some sound design and some musical event (score, themes, cues, etc). For some reason regarding multiple machines running the same project, i had to relink the source files folders, and the pc build folder, and everything was smooth. If i had to listen the project at our 5.1 studio, we just had to relink those folders and everything was perfectly. But here is the deal.
I noticed that my musical events suddenly disappear from one day to another, to recovered them i went back to a previous version of my project and i got them back. Here is what i found
This thing happened when i try to relink my template file in the project properties menu.
This happen also when i work from Mac to a PC (i´m pretty sure it has to do also with the template file location)
This happened also if i set a new template file in the project properties menu.

Any Solutions, ideas, :S

My first practical solution is to manage one project for the music another for the sound design.
But it will be very frustrating if it started to do the same in the ONLY MUSIC project.

Im running fmod designer 4.44.10 on a 2.8 ghz quad core intel Xeon Mac OSX 10.6..8


Salvador Felix

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Anyone? :(

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