Hi there,

I’m working on a project in which I need to apply some dsp to a music, I already know how to apply it and also i know how to make the "simple" dsp such as echo, flange, distortion etc..

But now i was thinking about creating my own dsp. I look at the example given with the Lib (dsp_custom) but I don’t understand it very well. I don’t get how "myDSPCallback" works, what it does etc… Also when I run the executable and press "p" it looks like it put a lowpass on the sound… I don’t get how that happen when i look at the code ^^’ .

Can some one would take a bit of time to help me about that and explain me how it work, and how i can create a custom dsp or just gave me a link to a good tutorial ^^.

And sorry for my bad English (non-native language) ^^ .

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