Sorry to be a complete dummy but I wonder if you can help me think something through. Consider a simple project with a number of ‘agents’ – that is things that control sounds. I’m using the C API.

Let’s take 2 approaches – the event system and the music system.

1 – The event system

Suppose there are 2 layers L1 and L2 , each with 4 sounds selected by a parameter , P1 controls L1 and P2 controls L2

If I have multiple agents (say 5) can each agent control its own instance of either L1 or L2 so I can have 5 simultaneous independent sounds each chosen from either L1 or L2.

2 – The music system

Same scenario but this time to start with keep it simple and say there are 4 segements with fully connected transition and loop links (I can transition from any segment to any other segement , controlled by a parameter P3

Can multiple (say 5) agents all use the same ‘scene’ – the same 4 segments so I can have 5 simultaneous independent sounds – I can’t see how there could be 5 instances of the controlling parameter.

Aha – flash of light (maybe) – do I just have multiple (5) instances of the MusicSystem – and referring back to the event system do I just have multiple event systems – maybe something like this

for(i = 0; i<iMax ; i++) {
result = FMOD_EventSystem_Init(TheEventSystem[i], 32, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0, FMOD_EVENT_INIT_NORMAL);
result = FMOD_EventSystem_SetMediaPath(TheEventSystem[i], _mediaPath);
result = FMOD_EventSystem_Load(TheEventSystem[i], FEVFILE , 0, 0);

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