Hey All,

If I create data for the plugindata for a FMOD_DSP_STATE structure in a FMOD_DSP_CREATECALLBACK, is that same data passed to FMOD_DSP_READCALLBACK when it is called?

Or does the FMOD_DSP_STATE data fall out of scope when the FMOD_DSP_CREATECALLBACK is done.

I am just trying to figure out how persistent the FMOD_DSP_STATE data structure is, and if it can be used to pass data between the DSP callback functions, or if I should just stick all the data my DSP needs in the FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION.userdata struct and access it from it from there for all my callbacks. If that is the case can someone give me an example of what kind of data FMOD_DSP_STATE.plugindata should be used for?

Thanks in advance let me know if I am not making any sense.


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