Hi !

Ok I’m trying to use 3D sounds but …
I can’t figure how FSOUND_Sample_SetMinMaxDistance is exactly working… How do you set the range of your sound ?????

I’ve been playing around with distances but I got strange behaviors …
i.e. The sound never falloff completly… Worst I get nearly full volume on treebles and no bass when I expect to have my sound completly off …

We plan on licencing FMod four our commercial game but …

Thx in advance …

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When a sound is at Min Distance or closer, it will be played at maximum volume. However, Max Distance simply caps the volume to what it would be at that distance, i.e. it won’t get any quieter as you move further and further away.

While min distance acts as a way set the volume to maximum, the distance between Min distance and Max distance isn’t used to lower the volume to zero. All max distance does is stop it getting any quieter past that point. I’m gonna ask brett and see if he could add a SetMinMaxVolume function too, which would mean you could do something like:

SetMinMaxDistance (Sample, 0.0f, 100.0f);
SetMinMaxVolume (Sample, MaximumVolume, 0);

So, at a distance of 0, the volume would be at maximum, and at a distance of 100 metres+, the volume would be zero.

I still suggest lisencing FMOD for now, because FMOD4 is gonna be out early next year and hopefully it’ll kick some major ass (if brett’s willing to implement some of my wilder ideas, hopefully SetMinMaxVolume shouldn’t pose too much trouble!)

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