In our game we want to publish new sounds and music with every DLC. For sounds we use Fmod Ex events and for interactive music we use the music system of Fmod. Adding new sounds while loading a DLC with EventSystem::load() works well. But if the Fmod project contains some music, we get the error FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED. Apparently Fmod Ex doesn’t support loading multiple projects containing music.

One way around this would be that for every DLC there would be one .fev file for sound effects and another for interactive music. The interactive music .fev file could contain all the music data of all the DLCs, from the beginning up to that particular DLC. Every DLC could also contain sound banks (.fsb) that contain the sound effects and interactive music sound data that are used in that DLC. This would mean that there would be only one project for music which would be updated every time there’s a new DLC and it would use many different soundbanks. However the problem with this approach seems to be that if there’s an existing fmod project and then it’s updated in some way and the .fev file is rebuilt, some sounds may quit working randomly if all the .fsb files aren’t also rebuilt. So it seems like every time there’s a new DLC, it should contain all the soundbanks of the musics in previous DLCs as well. This of course is not good because the sound banks consume a lot of disk space.

What is the recommended method of using DLCs with interactive music?

Thanks in advance!

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The documentation actually says this for FMOD::EventSystem::load
Note: Currently FMOD can only load one project that contains music data at a time. Music data is created whenever you do work in the music tab in FMOD Designer. FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED will be returned if you try to load more than one project containing music data.[/quote:3sw1g766]

I’ll see if there is anything that can be done but it wouldnt be quick. I think having 1 fev for music sounds feasible, the issue with the shared sounds in FSBs though should be avoided by only having a wavebank for interactive music sounds? A new wavebank should be created for every new music FEV, then you shouldnt have the problem of having to replace old FSBs.
When saying " that contain the sound effects and interactive music sound data that are used in that DLC." – That’s not right – SFX should be kept totally separate, you can have multiple FSBs for your DLC i assume.

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