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Did you see ogg file information in WINAMP?

Follow is that:

length : 4:29
average bitrate : 433 kbps
file size : 14,607,589 bytes
nominal bitrate : 498 kbps
channels : 2
sampling rate: 44100 Hz
serial number: 7637
version : 0
vendor :

Xiphophorus libVorbis I 20011231

There are two information about bitrate
– ‘average bitrate’, ‘nominal bitrate’

I can obtain information about ‘average bitrate’

** But, how to obtain information about ‘NOMINAL BITRATE’ ??
My programming tool is ‘VB’. Please help me..^^

Have a nice day~

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You have to read in the ogg vorbis identification header at the beginning of the file.

What you are looking for is the fifth field of the identification header, the specs are here:

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