I am extremelly newbie in FMOD but I know something about OpenAL.
I am working in my new cross-platform game.
I saw FMOD and now I have these questions:

  1. I want 3D Sound. About that, which is better? FMOD or OpenAL?
  2. I want my Sound Library to support WAV & OGG files. FMOD supports OGG files well?
  3. BASIC QUESTION: Which of OpenAL, FMOD is faster? (in Win32, Linux, MacOS etc)

If I have positive answers, maybe I will change my Sound Library…


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Not sure on the other 2, but FMOD definitely supports OGG files

Have had no problems using them either.

Just be aware that, as with all compressed formats, “Compressed formats are expanded into memory” (from the docs)

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