I’m new at c++ programming AND winCE programming. (I used to programm using DOS, turboC and MIDAS a long long time ago !)
I had a SPV smartphone, and i’m curious to hear some good old .MOD on it :)
But with the FMOD library, there is only ONE sample code, not really designed for smartphone (simple menu are not usable on a smartphone :(
I manage to compile it and run it, modify it to make the menu usable BUT, the standard GetOpenFileName do not work on smartphone :(
So, if someone could give me a single “hello world” project playing a single “mod” working on a smartphone (or working on a pocket pc, a ‘simple’ hello world should work on both I guess) I could start from this simple project to learn more about this great lib, and start the adaptation of a old game I made.
Maybe some tutorials, or more FMOD example should help me too.
Thanks for your help, excuse my poor english skills, and ‘bonjour’ from Paris/France

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