Whats the difference betweend FSOUND_HW3D, FSOUND_HW2D, and FSOUND_2D?

Oh and one more question, in FSOUND_FORECMONO, the documation says “needed if using FSOUND_HW3D and stereo data.” What does that mean?


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From the docs

FSOUND_HW3D /* Attempts to make samples use 3d hardware acceleration. (if the card supports it) */

FSOUND_HW2D /* 2D hardware sounds. allows hardware specific effects */

FSOUND_2D /* Tells software (not hardware) based sample not to be included in 3d processing. */

FSOUND_FORCEMONO /* For forcing stereo streams and samples to be mono – needed if using FSOUND_HW3D and stereo data – incurs a small speed hit for streams */

FSOUND_HW* – try to use 3d accel on card

FSOUND_2D – make a sample that was not created with FSOUND_HW* to
not be included in 3d mixing

FSOUND_FORCEMONO – only mono sounds can be positioned in 3d – so this
forces stereo sounds to be mono sounds. The docs are saying you need to
specify this if you specify a sound as a hardware sound

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