Hi Brett,

I’ve some problems with 3d audio, I’ve a Right handed coordinate system, I’m playing a 3d sound source in position (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) and changing the position of the listener with this parameters:

FSOUND_3D_Listener_SetAttributes((float *)&kPosition, NULL, 0, 0, -1.0f, 0, -1.0f, 0);

If I use DirectSound [FSOUND_SetOutput(FSOUND_OUTPUT_DSOUND)], the output sounds strange, there’s no relation between position of the listener and sound source (only one axis works fine). If I use Windows Multimedia Waveout [FSOUND_SetOutput(FSOUND_OUTPUT_WINMM)], instead, everithing works fine. I’m pretty sure I don’t have problems with my directsound (I tried with different computers indeed).
I took your “3D” example and modified it in order to have two different axis movements implemented. As I told you, everithing works fine only using Windows Multimedia Waveout, otherwise only one axis is ok.

Infoes about the computer: DirectX 8.1, Win2000 professional, Audio Board Sound Blaster 5.1

Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance

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