I have used Ejay Dance 3 to make my own songs,
but i didnt like Ejay.
The reason why i didnt like Ejay is because you have to use
riffs to make up your song.
If you have to good riffs – for example a guitar and drum riff –
and they dont mach up because of ther rithem ei the guitar riff produces a
hit on the guitar three times a second, while the drum riff only produces
two hits on the drum per second. This problem makes my songs
sound bad because the various instruments interfear with each other.
I have a hell finding good riffs that matches both on rithem and
sound. I tried stretching the riffs but that doesnt give any good results.
If i had a powerfull synthenizer wich could produce instrumental-
sounds just as i wanted i wouldent have this problem.

Now i have two alternatives:
1: Makeing my own synthenizer
2: Useing someone elses synthenizer

Does anyone know a good synthenizer?
I would rather use someone elses because codeing takes alot of
time ( i code in C++).

What shall i do? I would be gratefull for any help!

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