๐Ÿ˜€ Hello everyone! I wish I found this before!

All, right I heard about fmod a while ago but I never checked it out before since I never played with sound however, now I am a bit bored so I decided to take a look on about how to add sound support in my app.

I firstly went to [url=http://www.openal.org:24f6swfk]OpenAL[/url:24f6swfk] but, while the interface is really easy I felt it’s not enough for me. I wanted some features which looks like missing furthermore, everything looked ‘blurred’: extension management, EAX support, dead site and specs…

After some days of playing with it I just trashed it and went back to [i:24f6swfk]DX[/i:24f6swfk] (I am under windows). Played a little with [i:24f6swfk]directMusic[/i:24f6swfk] and now playing with [i:24f6swfk]directSound[/i:24f6swfk].

[b:24f6swfk]Then[/b:24f6swfk], I remembered of this thing called [i:24f6swfk]FMOD[/i:24f6swfk].
I always though it was something just like [i:24f6swfk]SDL[/i:24f6swfk] or stuff like that however, now I know a little more I am so surprised I feel I misunderstood something… [i:24f6swfk]FMOD[/i:24f6swfk]:[list:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] Is faster then DirectX Audio (even if it wouldn’t this is not important) and [u:24f6swfk]without its ugly interface[/u:24f6swfk] (still to try this really however, I am just speculating).[/:m:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] Supports every kind of effect possible with EAX/3D sound (positioning, reverb, occlusion…) thuru HW mixing.[/:m:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] It is portable.[/:m:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] It allows to record data from audio card’s line in.[/:m:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] Got vorbis support. I plan to use only vorbis. However, I would like to know if FMOD takes care of streaming or just leaves this to me or if it simply loads everything in memory… If the PCM samples will take 60MB, will I have a 60MB load or FMOD will happly allocate small samples so memory utilization is minimal? If so, I guess looping is not a problem![/:m:24f6swfk]
[:24f6swfk] Other things I don’t remember anymore! I’m so astonished I am simply… [size=75:24f6swfk]woah[/size:24f6swfk].[/:m:24f6swfk][/list:u:24f6swfk]

Short words: Best performance, compatibility, features… support (if you have paid). I guess this is better than the [url=http://www.opengl.org:24f6swfk]GL[/url:24f6swfk] (if it would be a sound API)!

BTW, what about speaker configuration? DirectSound has [i:24f6swfk]SetSpeakerConfig[/i:24f6swfk] (which however is not guaranteed to execute as expected).

Now, those are just newbie questions. Excuse me for that, I figure out everyone here may have replied to something like that a ton of times but… I need some water to awake me from this thing which looks like a dream. Then, I’ll think I will try to get really involved in serious FMOD development. [size=59:24f6swfk]drool[/size:24f6swfk]

Thanks everyone in advance!

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I took a look at the documentation yesterday. Looks very cool and can even provide a graph (spectrum / waveform) of the sound being outputted.

Feel I’ll just trash DirectSound. It will take just a few hours. ๐Ÿ˜€

The vorbis streamer is simply wonderful. Checked out this already on the docs. This is going to spare me some time. Don’t know right now how to decide if a vorbis is “short enough”, but I feel I will figure it out reading the docs. Anyway, if I won’t find it, I’ll just load it and use the standard ogg decoder to get the lenght.
The callback support and the syncronization features looks really useful.

Congratulations for your work Brett! Looks the best!

Not sure if the new Audigy EAX is supported but I really don’t care right now. Anyway, if it is not, I feel it will be soon.

Thanks for your reply!

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