Hey guys, check out the newest version of X Media Player

Let me know what you think and any suggestions
you have


P.S. Soon it will be freeware

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We don’t want it, were all making our own.

I don’t understand why people just make winamp clones, why not experiment with the GIU or functionality or the way the USER interacts and selects the musix. :(

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Imitation is a great way to learn. Once you learn how to do something by copying a known working solution, you can then work on making a better solution.

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It only looks like Winamp because of the skin, I am currently working
on a skin that will not even resemble winamp ๐Ÿ˜€ . This skin was a quick fix
because I’m spending all my time coding. It is in fact very different from
winamp. Yes, it does support winamp skins, but that is because of the
advanced skin functionality. Plug-in support will be added in 3.0, not
because of Winamp but because plug-ins are a great way to add more
Power to an existing App. My plug-in system won’t even support Winamp
plugins. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

I have been working very hard on this program and I just wanted peoples
opionions on it. Thank you for yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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please fogive me, the comment was not meant as a critisism, i just would like to see some more inovation in this mp3 player thing, i think the select-a-tune / playlist system is ok, but there must be better way of selecting tunes – genre select – mood – speed – etc, Have a look at Mood-Logic’s system (srch moodlogic), how’s about, being able to just pick any ..(ie. rock tune ) thats not been played for a while / been played the longest time ago. ( just build an mdb with the filenames, when play finished (full play , just increment a track played count field and update a timestamp field ) or – a function that’ll show the most popular played tune. I’ve done this, respond if you need any db code. I hate building playlists, i like to just load my player and let it guess ( with a little bit of help ) what i would like to hear ( i’ve even got a time of day/ day of week selection ), eg. mon,tue,wed ( i’ve just been at work/school ), and then beef-up the content for the weekend etc.

sorry if it sounded if i was diss’in your player, thats’ a whole lot of work – and bloody well done as well.

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There is a better playlist selection being planned. A nice media library is
currently being written that will have all if not more features that you
suggested. I don’t plan to release it anytime soon though as it will be

How the playlist looks is based on the skin, it’s size and everything.
That is why i built in an Extended playlist. with a small little search
feature. This will be greatly improved in the future.

Than you for your input

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Well, I have to say that Im not too impressed with it. I downloaded it and ran the program, which took around 2-3 minutes just to start. Then when I went to play a file (MIDI) it said that the file was -1 seconds long and it wouldnt play it. The skin was all distorted and, for whatever reason, the window wouldnt move when I went to drag it. Here are my specs if it helps:

Windows 98
Pentium 2 267 mhz
128 megs ram

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Yes, I am aware of the midi time problem, but it shouldn’t affect
playback. X Media Player wasn’t designed for anything less than 400Mhz
Though I am trying to fix this by removing repeted and unneeded code
and faster loops. About the windows not moving, which windows? The
main one or the others. To move the others you have to check off ‘Dock
Forms’. (another thing i’m working on).

I admit, XMP has lots of bugs, but I’m working hard to fix them and with
your input I can find them more easily.

Hmm. The skin being distorted? I don’t know. How distorted?

Anyway I have Windows XP Pro and a 700Mhz AMD Athlon w/ a good
3d Accelerator, 256 Ram and it runs great! But I also have A Windows ME computer with a 700Mhz Celeron Processor with a 3d Accelerator and 128
RAM and it runs like crap. I can’t figure out why! I’m doing some research
on it.

The delay on it’s start up is probably linked to your Specs.

Watch for Version 3.0
Good luck

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[quote:4uao9cde]About the windows not moving, which windows? The
main one or the others. To move the others you have to check off ‘Dock
Forms’. (another thing i’m working on). [/quote:4uao9cde]

It is somewhat moveable, whenever I move the main window and let go of the mouse it will move back to its original position.

[quote:4uao9cde]Hmm. The skin being distorted? I don’t know. How distorted? [/quote:4uao9cde]

It seems like all of the sliders (eg volume, pan, etc) are distorted. Not the window. From what I can tell, the top line of pixels (im assuming each slider is made up of a bitmap) is missing, almost like its been stretched.

Its just really hard to use, and Im not trying to put your app down or anything because Im sure you’ve put a lot of time into it. I hope you take it as friendly criticism.

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On my last development computer, If you tried to run two
instances of XMP, The second one would look all distorted like
you said. I had 128 MB of Ram. This is the most major concern
right now. XMP is a memery HOG! It will eat ram as if it grows on
trees. I am working on this. So the only reason I can think of is
that your system is to slow for it :( . I havn’t tested it on all machines,
I couldn’t, there are trillions of them. But I am willing to fix problems
that occur on ones that are tested.

When moving the forms, do they jump around a lot and lag like crazy?
This could be a video problem.

Anyway, XMP is not hard to use when you have the right system.
A ton of effort is being put forth to ease the use of XMP and make it
even more versitile on most machines.

I did expect critisism from some people. But thats how we learn and
make things better, right ๐Ÿ˜› ?

Sorry it wouln’t work good for you ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Thank you for trying.

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