Hell all. I’ve got samples loading, i’ve got channels working, i’ve even got the correct doppler effects. what I don’t understand the proper way to use channels. i tried the FMOD documentation and I’ve tried the sample code. I just feel like there’s something I’m not getting here. What I’d really like is a better explanation of what channels are and how to use them, because i’m fairly certain that I’m doing it wrong.

I loaded my samples at the start of the program and i am assuming that they are being reference counted as long as their properties are the same on each call. Then I created 8 channels using playsoundex() and started the sounds paused. When i needed to use a sound, i would simply rewind it and unpause it. I tried this in a situation where the same sound channel would be called very often – that is to say, in a case where the time between consecutive calls to rewind & unpause would be less than the time to play a sample. To my amazement, I didn’t hear any problem. This could very well be because I am just a programmer and my ears are not trained to hear the difference. Never the less, I have to ask: do I understand correctly that I only need one channel per sound? That doesn’t seem right to me.

So if any of you could please clear up this mystery and tell me the proper use for channels I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance,

PS: I’m having trouble determining when a channel’s non-looping sound has finished playing. What’s the easiest way to determine this?

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