Hi all! FMOD is great! My question is : Can i have 2 spectrum analyzer if i am playing 2 mp3 at the same times? One is for first mp3 and second is for second mp3. Is it possibly? Do they work correctly? If i can, can you write me a very little example in Visual Basic?
Sorry for my english, very bad, but i am italian and nove is only 9.00 a.m. and i am again sleeping … i have programmer FMOD for all the night!

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>Is it possibly?
Only PERHAPS, if you run fmod in more than one instance … ?
Ahhh. Or ”VEERRRY PERHAPS” you could misuse the DSP-chain in that way, that you change the fft’s DSP-position with FSOUND_DSP_SetPriority(FSOUND_DSP_GetFFTUnit(), xyz); and the one of the two MP3s via DSP-callbacks every 25ms. So the FFT gets alternately the samplevalues of one of the mp3s. … ?

>Do they work correctly?
Yes, cause it’s only maths. But there are some FFT-intern problems I don’t know how they are handled by fmod’s fft. So I would not use it for designing a professional music-box for ‘bose’. 😉

But the fmod-fft works very fast & fine.

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