I hope that in the near future, FMOD will have better CD Player support.
It is very difficult to determine when the CD has stopped when FMOD
returns inconsistant values. The last track of the CD is the worst.
FMOD dosen’t set it’s track to 0 when the last track has finnished, so
comparing tracks won’t work for it. it will sometimes work by comparing
the length to the current position, but not always. Near the end of the CD
FMOD’s current position sometimes jumps to 0 before it reaches the end!

what method can you use to detect the end of a track that will work
consistanly? Maybe FSOUND_CD_PLAYRANDOM (can FMOD pick the same
track twice?)

I’ve tried:

any help would be great!

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Well, Thanks anyway. I guess I’ll just have to work around it. And no,
Random didn’t work. I was just trying every little thing I could. And like
I said it only doesn’t work sometimes.

I thought Random might work if at the last track it would pick another.
I think FMOD should at least return track zero when finnished.


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