At first got an error saying that a couple of variables were not identified, but I found a fix for that.

The problem I’m getting now is : “identifier expexted, but ‘function’ found.” at line 505 of Fmod.pas. This is the line where the following function starts.

function FMOD_Load(LibName: PChar): Boolean;
Result := True;

I’m using delphi 5 professional and windows 98SE
Can anyone help me with this problem? I haven’ t changed anything in fmod.pas the only thing I changed was in fmodtypes.pas where I added the following lines right below “type”:

THandle = Cardinal;
PSingle = ^Single;

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You would have introduced an error somewhere when you added those two lines. Can you post the relevant section of fmodtypes.pas including the few lines and after the change?

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